Cycling for Remembrance and Children in nowadays war zones

Having built since many years a great reputation in the organisation of the Luxemburg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour (LCMT), Biking Events is a reliable partner to guarantee high quality service on this NEW Great Memorial Tour in 'Flanders Fields' and Northern France.

Riding together on historic trails friendship, solidarity and a sporting challenge in remembrance of those who gave theire lives one century ago. Charity will be part of your participation, we announce soon our mission. No big secret: it will be charity for children in war zones today.

Our organisation is now building a reliable foundation to guarantee a long term vision on this Great War Memorial Tour. We hope to open the subscribe pages soon (March?). We are working now on making good agreements with local hotels, regional and communal authorities, as well as we hope to find some enthousiastic sponsorships. Do you have questions already? Just send us an e-mail to GREAT WAR MEMORIAL TOUR'S MAILBOX


Teambuilding activity? = priority right to participate the GWMTour

Peace or friendship or both? In the Great War Memorial Tour we focus on both.

A large variety of food and drinks on 3 posts along every stage. Fruits, energy bars, sport drinks... No chance to have a "fringale" as it is said in Tour de France...



It will be encouraged to participate as a 5 riders team, although individual participation is also possible. Teams of enterprises can order their own outfit, created by KALAS. Just get in touch with us and we make sure you can ride the Great War Memorial in a customized TEAM-outfit, including the official GWMT-logo on your shirt and bike-short. You may even suggest personal sponsors to print on your bicycle outfit for this 1st Great War Memorial Tour.

Only 1 rule: no 'war-imitation' uniforms, because although there is a direct link with the Remembrance of the Great War, we will not encourage any re-enactment. Riding the bicycle and chasing pure sporting challenges with a clear PEACE statement that is suitable for our cycling tour.

Organisation by Biking Events group

Since 1999 organizing the Luxemburg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour (www.lcmt.be) and other events, such as Houffamarathon (till 2012), Freddy Maertens Classic (till 2007) and other events for cyclists, BIKING EVENTS has a very good reputation in Belgium to organize complete more-days cycling events. Having their company seat in Ieper ('Ypres' or the heart of 'In Flanders Fields') it was a matter of time to develop this new cycling event. With the Great War Memorial Tour, for the first time the focus is mainly on the Western Front, starting in Flanders but also covering the Artois and Somme-area. Biking Events was created by former cycling journalist Kurt Titeca and his wife, Renate Drappier.

  • Bikingbox Cycletours is the pure touristic 'brother'-company that is offering cycling holidays and guided tours. Surf to www.bikingbox.be to get in touch with this cycling holiday and day-tour program.



  • Wim Van Cauwenberge also joined the management platform of the Biking Events/Bikingbox CYCLETOURS-group. His experience as a marketing and salesman combined with his work for a UCI-ladies race in Flanders, makes him a well-qualified collegue in this new event.

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